Essentially, Go Bananas Kids aims to expose children to regular social, environmental and group activities, which will propel them to grasp the intricacies of learning skills, realize their latent talents and enhance their urge for a deeper understanding of the way their society functions, so that they are much better prepared to handle adulthood with all its complexities of modern life.

Go Bananas Kids was constituted with a purpose to create an opportunity for children to experience and learn, while having fun, from a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities that are designed specially to ignite the inner creativeness and endowments of the young mind.

Started with a workshop of a total of just 25 children in 1998, today it stands tall with a database of over 5000 children. Go Bananas Kids conducts regular workshops, camps, and events for children, jointly with schools, or independently on its own. Its membership is open to all children and does not discriminate on any basis.

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