Testimonial 1. "My son has been attending the Go Bananas camps since he was seven. He is almost 11 years now. I feel that he is a true Go Bananas Kid!"
(Atia Noor, mother , aged 36)
Testimonial 2. "I had a very good time making new friends with the Go Bananas Kids and an absolutely awesome time dancing. When I first entered the camp I couldn’t move a limb in my body but now, meet me on the dance floor, people!!"
(Japita, age 13 years, Chandigarh, India)
Testimonial 3. "Last autumn I went along for the 3 days overnight camp with the Go Bananas Kids. We stayed in the tents and went for long treks and nature walks. At night we sang by the bonfire. What more could I ask for?"
(Amaan, age 11 years)
Testimonial 4. "The best Go Bananas workshop I went to was when we went for a filed visit to the radio station. I want to become a radio jockey when I grow up. Thank you, Go Bananas Kids! "
(Sidh Goyal, age 6 years)
Testimonial 5. "I heard about the Go Bananas from my friend and enrolled my daughter just because she was sending hers. But soon after the 3rd session I saw such a dramatic change in her, she was so much in control of his speech and expressions. The theatre workshops from Go Bananas Kids really helped my little one over come her shyness and did wonders in building up her confidence."
(Anju Kapoor and her daughter Simran from Manana, Bahrain)
6. "Go Bananas has so many interesting programs for my kids, aged 7 and 11, I don’t have to look for any other place for them to spend their vacations."
(Piya Gulati, mother of Nandini and Yuvraj)
7. "It was so much fun attending the Go Bananas Spring Camp last year. I entered the camp as a reserved and quiet person but especially after our stage performance I feel more confident and out going and I can't wait to attend their next camp!"
(Guntaas, age 11 years, Chandigarh, India)
8. "I learnt how to make earthen pots during the Go Bananas pottery workshop. Am so proud of myself."
(Urvika, age 14 years)

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